Are your products coming up in searches?

It's time to increase your visibility, add traffic to your website and increase sales! We will review your entire line, product by product, in each industry search engine to bring you the absolute BEST results from distributor searches. PLUS we'll give you a quarterly report on how these search engines are working for you, as well as recommendations on how you can improve your results. We'll help you untangle the confusing web of where to put your ad dollars so you get the best results and maximum exposure for your products.

Graphic Promotions has trained staff who work with these search engines everyday and know "the ins and outs" of each one. Each of these programs are very different and very time consuming. If you're not completely familiar with how each one works, you could spend weeks and weeks and still not achieve maximum results.


Distributors primarily work with four product search engines:

Distributor Central
Promo Marketing

There are over 11 MILLION product searches performed each month in these search engines!

If you don't have your products set up correctly in each of these search engines, or haven't optimized EACH ONE of your products. . . then you're not coming up in searches, and you're probably losing sales!


Call us to find out more! Our low cost programs will increase your product exposure and...

  • Your products will come up higher and more often in searches
  • Make your online ads more effective
  • Increase your sales!